“Jesus Being Healthy”

For in Luke 2:52, Luke tells Theolophilus that Jesus grew in stature and in wisdom. He also had favor with God and man. With Luke’s description of Jesus when He grew, we can see that Jesus was complete. He was in good physical health, He had a great mind, He was strong spiritually, and HeContinue reading ““Jesus Being Healthy””

“Being The Excellence Of Execution”

One of the things I learned of what makes a person in sales a success, or not is execution in the closing part of the sales. For it does not matter in what you know, or how you prepare if you do not execute in crunch time of a sales that is in the closingContinue reading ““Being The Excellence Of Execution””

12 Actions For Success In Sales

For the majority of my profession years have been in sales, even though I never had any intentions to get into sales. Through my experience in sales, I learned exactly what that is. This knowledge became very beneficial when God called me as an Evangelists. Sales is basically persuasion, and as an Evangelist I allowContinue reading “12 Actions For Success In Sales”