12 Actions For Success In Sales

For the majority of my profession years have been in sales, even though I never had any intentions to get into sales. Through my experience in sales, I learned exactly what that is. This knowledge became very beneficial when God called me as an Evangelists.

Sales is basically persuasion, and as an Evangelist I allow the Holy Spirit to persuade others to be committed followers of Jesus. Whenever a pastor preaches, he persuades to people when he is speaking front of them to live according to the Bible. Whenever a sales person is attempting to sale an item or idea to someone, they are persuading it to invest their money and time into something that give them more in return.

For a person to have success in sales, they need understand the core objective of sales. Persuading others is that objective, and not understanding that will make you fall short of your goals in sales. From 2009 to 2011 I was an admissions consultant for Liberty University, and I used twelve actions that allow me to have success. For those actions are what I want to share with you in this blog.

1. Prayer: If a person sales long enough, then it will go into a time of struggling. During that time a person may feel inadequate, because persuading someone is not really in our hands. For a person has freewill of buying, or not buying. That choice determines rather the sales person can eat, or be a provider for his family. A story of a man in sales wore a hat, and he would take it off when he attempted to close the sale. When took off his hat to put it on a table, he put it on the top part of the hat to see the tag in the inside of his hat. On that tag was prayer, that he would say while closing the sale. For he depended upon prayer, and in my struggles at Liberty University I prayed a lot. My natural abilities alone was inadequate to close sales, and to help Liberty University make money on its return investment. I needed God to persuade others to buy into what I was offering to them.

2.Love God: Loving God for real will make it easier to love others that you work for, and those that you serve. Loving God and obeying His commandments will give you eyes of Jesus that had compassion for people. That will give you a desire to help people beyond to make their lives better to bring them closer to God. The things, and ideas that are sold in this world are temporal. Those can never bring true happiness to people, but God’s love for them can. Through sales we can share God’s love with them.

3. Love people: Instead of being focus on their wealth while selling, be focus on them with love. For our love for God should go to people, and love is what everybody wants. Loving people will take the burden of trying to sell something to them.

4. Love to serve: Not only is sale persuasion, but its also being a servant. A sales person should have desire of giving people the best experience when they give time to hear what we have to offer to them. The basis of that should come from a love to serve someone.

5. Love what you sale: Even though I did not have a desire to be in sales, selling Liberty University was easy for me to sale to others. The reason for that was I love Liberty University, so it translated to when I sold them Liberty University. If I did not love Liberty University, then it would be hard for me to sale to others. My love for Liberty University also made it easy for me to move forward when times there were tough. If you do not love what you sale, than it maybe wise to look for something that you love to sale.

6. DREAM BIG! While I worked there, I dreamed big at Liberty University. After working as a consultant, I wanted to be a traveling advocates for Liberty University. As a consultant, I only spoke to people on the phone. I love to meet people in person, so I can continue to bring people to Liberty University for them to experience what I have experience. Talking about was not enough to me for people to understand it, so I wanted them to experience it to understand the question of why Liberty University.

7. NEVER GIVE UP! TRY AGAIN! Dr Jerry Falwell, the founder of Liberty University, said a person could not be determine by its talent. It should be determine by what makes them quit. Have you ever thought of quitting to live your dream when it got tough? Well, DONT!!!!!!!!!!! Many successful people failed while striving for their dreams, but giving up to them was not an option. They stuck it out, and eventually they reached their dream. Do not give up! Try again! Evaluate your mistakes. Make corrections, and be a better person for tomorrow to reach your dreams.

8. Set Goals ( Short and Long): Dreams need stepping stones that are goals. If your goal is to own a business, then set goals to get there. Find someone that is living the dream you are, and ask it to mentor you. Find out what it did to be where you want to be. Take the steps they gave you, and use them as goals.

9. Have a plan: After setting goals, develop a realistic plan. What kept me going at Liberty University was a plan, that revolve around my goals. My first goal was to meet the monthly average for student applications. Then my second goal was to have the highest acceptance rate, and then my third goal was to have the highest enrollment rate. That last goal was the long term goal, because students enrolling into class was where Liberty University was getting their return investment of me. To get there I develop a plan for that, so executing plans are important as developing those to get you closer to your dreams.

10. Be prompt. People that are successful are early risers, and they show up way before their time on the clock begins. While on the clock, go beyond what is expected of you. Do not worry about losing your job for that. If a person fires you for that, than it is far to say the company you are selling for is not worth your time. Find another company that has the same high standard you do.

11. Always learn: Instead of just watching videos and listening to music to be entertain, use your electronic device to read books, and whatever helps you learn. Always learn! Read about companies, and learn how economics work to give you information that will help you and your company be a success.

12.Alway be a great communicator: Communication is the middle part between the seller and buyer. That is the first movement flow of persuasion. Be clear with words. Learn about tempo of your voice. Know when to listen. Know what questions to ask, and know how to ask those questions. Know what people want to hear. Be confident to speak in front of large people you do not know like the way you would in front of your friends. Learn to pronounce words correctly.

If these 12 actions of sells are implemented to be used, than you will improvement for success. You may even find enjoyment again in your job.


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