“Jesus Being Healthy”

For in Luke 2:52, Luke tells Theolophilus that Jesus grew in stature and in wisdom. He also had favor with God and man. With Luke’s description of Jesus when He grew, we can see that Jesus was complete. He was in good physical health, He had a great mind, He was strong spiritually, and He had good relationships with people. As followers of Christ, we should follow example of Christ in being complete in our lives.

I believe that so many Christians focus just on one, or two areas of their wellbeing that they neglect other parts in their wellbeing. For there are recent health stats, that reveal much pastors live an unhealthy lifestyle. As pastors increase their intellect while thinking it is spiritual for them, they destroy the Holy Spirit’s temple. For that get’s destroyed with bad eating and with a sedentary lifestyle. Those things not only destroy the body, but they also destroy their soul. They also hinder the Holy Spirit from using their bodies to further God’s kingdom. When health problems are caused with neglect of their body, the health problems forces the body to focus more on its health rather than building God’s kingdom.

As a follower of Christ, I believe its important to not neglect any areas of our wellbeing. When one is neglected, the other areas suffer. For God design the body to move and not just receive food that has empty calories like most foods made in America. Many foods here are processed, high in sugar, and high in fat. That’s why people in this nation, especially pastors are considered obesity, moreover have health problems. If they had to move their body in ministry the way Jesus moved His body, then they may not be able to follow Jesus. For He did much walking, and He was able to with His healthy body. As Jesus was healthy, should we also follow His example as well?


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