Three Facts of Life

There are many facts in this world, and there at least three that make seem to make the time of this world seem cyclical. People that live in the western part of the world, and are not born from within eastern ancestry like people from India may not understand the word of cyclical. For peopleContinue reading “Three Facts of Life”

Lesson 2a: Nature of God

This lesson that I taught at Hope Aglow continues from series call Who Is God? In this lesson of that series I discuss about the nature of God for the reasons of 1. to give us wholeness to our belief in God. 2. help us understand other doctrines from the Bible. 3. to keep ourContinue reading “Lesson 2a: Nature of God”

Wellness Preacher Blogisode #1

Devotional: Stand Fast In The Lord with A Good Foundation  Matthew 7:24-27 and Philippians 4:1 For people and things to stand, a good foundation is needed. Christ tells people that a builder that builds its house on rock is wise, because it built a house on a good foundation to withstand rain storms. Christ also toldContinue reading “Wellness Preacher Blogisode #1”

“Lesson 1 Of Who Is God: World-View And Other Views of God”

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“About Wellness Preacher Blogisode”

Pretty soon at this website I will be posting a blog series call Wellness Preacher Blogisode, and I will try to at least do it once every other week. This blog series will have a variety of things like: a devotional, workout routines, and I will also write about my experiences with my fitness routines. IContinue reading ““About Wellness Preacher Blogisode””