The Priority Principle And The Shock Principle

From my life in 1999 to 2004 I was a undergrad student at Liberty University, and I finished my bachelors degree in Exercise Science. How I decided on that degree was God sent, and I remembered what made me decide to switch from studying the bible to studying about exercising. The influence of me switchingContinue reading “The Priority Principle And The Shock Principle”

Understanding Addictions Even More

I could barely remember the last time that I drank an alcohol drink. It might have been in March of 2009, and that might have been over 6 years ago. I am not sharing these things to show that I am victorious when it comes to addiction, but this story of my experience is toContinue reading “Understanding Addictions Even More”

Workout for 08/24/2015

FitNotes Workout – Monday 24th August 2015 ** Breathing ** – 00:30 ** Vaccums ** – 20 reps ** Planks For Time ** – 00:30 – 00:30 ** Knees On Ball ** – 00:30 ** Marcelo Crawls ** – 00:30 ** Ginastica ** – 00:30 ** Hip Movement ** – 00:30 ** Shrimps ** –Continue reading “Workout for 08/24/2015”

Two Views Of The Human Body

Do you know your purpose? Have ever put any thought to your purpose? When you reach a pinnacle of another goal you made, have you ever asked the question of then what? The answer for you with that question maybe, or you may already have the answer of then what. You reached pinnacle after pinnacle,Continue reading “Two Views Of The Human Body”