Fueling And Moving

I recently came to the conclusion of eating right is a little more important than exercising, and that does not mean that people should just eat and not exercise. For those things are like peanut butter and jelly, and also like salt and pepper. Eating right and exercising go together, and those cannot operate efficientlyContinue reading “Fueling And Moving”

The Art Of Selling Without Selling

Selling should not be a problem for most people, but that’s not what we see in reality. The thing that keeps people from being at least descent with selling is fear of failure, because they cannot handle rejection. I would say that at least 90% of the US population worry about not being like, soContinue reading “The Art Of Selling Without Selling”

My Official Return To The Fitness Industry

When the trainer in the movie Gladiator tells the statue that it feels good to see an old friend when it return to Rome, that is how I felt in my return to the fitness industry. Today marks return to the fitness industry as a fitness consultant for the Gold’s Gym of Merrifield, VA. TheContinue reading “My Official Return To The Fitness Industry”

Selling Yourself

The study of economics is not really that completed, but it is just presented that way by complicated experts. With my observation in the study of economics, I see at as a big board game with real consequences. As a sells person for a major gym franchise, I see beyond the ideas or products thatContinue reading “Selling Yourself”

About DC Regulating The Fitness Industry

I like the fitness industry, because its a piece of the economy that some would consider to be a great example of the free market. When it comes to that, it is fair to say that federal government does not like the free market at all. One of the reasons the government does not likeContinue reading “About DC Regulating The Fitness Industry”