WP#7: Basic Chest And Triceps Routine

FINALLY!!!!!!! Today is the day I return in where my fitness career began 12 years ago.  In January of 2004 I did my internship at the Jamerson YMCA in Lynchburg, VA. That position launched my fitness career, that carried on for five years. After March of 2009 I stopped serving in the fitness industry toContinue reading “WP#7: Basic Chest And Triceps Routine”

WP 6: You Gotta Play By The Book

Last night I volunteered to lead small group in Losing To Live, and the small group’s name is the Mindful Mandarins.  In Losing To Live last night, I did a discussion with them about chapter 3 from Get Off The Coach. That is a book written by Pastor Steve Reynolds, and you can check theContinue reading “WP 6: You Gotta Play By The Book”