WP 6: You Gotta Play By The Book

Last night I volunteered to lead small group in Losing To Live, and the small group’s name is the Mindful Mandarins. 

In Losing To Live last night, I did a discussion with them about chapter 3 from Get Off The Coach. That is a book written by Pastor Steve Reynolds, and you can check the book out at Bod4God.org. The link to the book is beneath this paragraph.

Get Off The Coach
I am not exactly sure of how many levels there are in Losing To Live, but I do know the group I volunteer in is level 2. It is for people that has participated at Losing To Live in level 1, and they are continuing their weight loss journey. 

In chapter 3 of Get Off The Coach, I focused on the section about Daniel. With the study of Daniel in Get Off The Coach, we observed healthy habits he did. 

In this post are materials that I used for you to use and share with others These materials along with the book are great for lost people and saved people. The common thing for these groups are struggle with their weight. 

Another great reason for these materials to be use is for Christians to use those as a platform to share Jesus with lost people. 

Well here are the links for the material:

Teacher Copy
Student Copy
Power Point

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