WP#15: My Commentary On About The Three Exercises For Fat Loss

This article is definitely misleading, because I believe that losing fat has to do more with the intensity of the training session, rather than exercises itself.  When I clicked on this article to see which three exercises that this author testified to burning fat, I wonder which three exercises would it proclaim to burning fatContinue reading “WP#15: My Commentary On About The Three Exercises For Fat Loss”

WP#14: About Supplements

One of the first supplements I was exposed to was creatine, and I took it while I was sophomore in college. After that I started taking whey protein, and whatever ends with mine ( arginine, glutamine). Taking supplements along with trying to eat right did help with recovery, so it allow me train more.  MeContinue reading “WP#14: About Supplements”

WP#13: My Review Of The Power Core Ab Exercise Mat

The Power Core Ab Exercise Mat definitely can be equipment used for improving one’s core, which is a major plus. Along with that the product also has minuses as well. I will first highlight the pluses, then I will go over the minuses.  The Pluses:  You get great stretches in your core when you layContinue reading “WP#13: My Review Of The Power Core Ab Exercise Mat”

WP#12: My Definition Of Circuit Training

Lately I been working on couple of projects with researching and making outlines. My aim for these projects is to accomplish one of my goals, and that is to write a book.  My first book I want to do will be free, and I want it to be available as a hard copy and electronicContinue reading “WP#12: My Definition Of Circuit Training”