WP#20: The Truth About Commercial Gyms

The fitness industry is probably one of my favorite industries to observe, because there is so much contradictory bs that most people that are in the industry could not see it. Most people I refer to our people that work in it, and the ones that buy gym membership. For instead of getting in shape,Continue reading “WP#20: The Truth About Commercial Gyms”

WP#19: My Opinion On Cardio Exercise Machines

It has been over a year since I returned to the fitness industry, and I happened to be in one of the most healthy areas of Northern Virginia. Mostly anything you can think of about fitness is in this area, but I have not found a place that has a Versa Climber. I asked someoneContinue reading “WP#19: My Opinion On Cardio Exercise Machines”

WP#18: Taxes On Soda Will Not Defeat Obesity

One of my weekly routines is to read articles about the fitness industry for at least 15 minutes, because I believe that one who claims to be passionate about what they are doing should know everything they can about it. An article about the increase of tax on sodas to decrease obesity is what readContinue reading “WP#18: Taxes On Soda Will Not Defeat Obesity”

WP#17: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly About HIIT

HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training) is a well known acronym in the fitness industry, and it has evidences of how effective it is for people to continuously burn calories after they workout.  As an experienced trainer and workout addict I can testify about the good evidences of HIIT. However, I can also testify itContinue reading “WP#17: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly About HIIT”