WP #30: Wellnesspreacher Wellness Journey: Thanksgiving Week 2017 Video

This video is about me pursuing a goal of losing weight during Thanksgiving. It begins with me weighing myself at the beginning of the week, and it shows of how I attempt to lose weight, and it concludes with me weighing myself after Thanksgiving Day. Wellnesspreacher Wellness Journey Video Link

WP#29: Cardio Kickboxing Conditioning 2

Warmup: 14 minutes of tire flip Main: 3 rounds of kickboxing on punching bag, 3 minutes for each round, 1 Minute rest between each. Interval Circuit With Ez bar: 40 seconds of active, 20 seconds of rest 1. Squats 2. Bent over rows 3. Overhead press 4. Upright rows 5. Good mornings 6. Straight legContinue reading “WP#29: Cardio Kickboxing Conditioning 2”

WP#28: Link To Old Holiday Training Routine

At the bottom of this post is the link to a old Holiday routine, that is for endurance improvement. It’s made of high reps, circuits, and kickboxing. It’s great to train with high intensity during the holiday time to keep the metabolism going as you may consume more sugar during this time of the year.Continue reading “WP#28: Link To Old Holiday Training Routine”

WP#27: Video Of Cardio Kickboxing Conditioning Routine

Warmup: 1. 50 Jumping Jacks 2. 20 Push-ups 3. 50 crunches 4. 20 Squats Main: 10 minutes of jump rope: Interval, 40 seconds active, 20 seconds rest 1 Minute rest 3 rounds of kickboxing on bag: 3 minutes each round, 1 Minute rest between rounds. 1 Minute rest Interval Circuit: 40 seconds active, 20 secondsContinue reading “WP#27: Video Of Cardio Kickboxing Conditioning Routine”