WP#35: The Concept Of Movement

Three years ago I did a post with a video, that was about the concept of movement. At the bottom of this paragraph is the link of the video. The Concept Of Movement:Pulling That video I made focused on the pulling muscles of back and biceps. One of the exercises I did was the dumbbell […]

WP#34: As I Train More, The Creative Juices Start To Flow

Hopefully, I get to the point of doing more video of how I train, and I have an idea about that it. For that is in its embryonic stages, and its birth will be revealed on video. As I train more, my creative juices flow for wellnesspreacher.com. For wellnesspreacher.com provides an outlet to share my […]

WP#33: Things Change. Goals Change. So What.

When I watched an episode of Arrow last year on Netflix, I saw an episode that had a scene of John Diggle working out. Seeing that scene connected with my feeling from the past, and it made me remember what was like to push myself to exertion. Then I begin to push my training a […]

WP#32: So What I Did Not Reach My Weight Lost Goal

Nearly a year ago I set weight loss goal of 25 pounds to be accomplished within a year. I did not reach that accomplishment, so what! What happens to me now since that I did not reach my goal of losing 25 pounds? This question I ask myself after I fail to reach my weight […]