WP#44: What Personal Trainers Can Learn From Conor Mcgregor

I am a huge MMA fan, and one of the fighters I enjoy to watch is Conor Mcgregor. If you do not follow MMA but watch ESPN Sportscenter daily, then you might know who he is. For whenever Mcgregor has a fight is usually when ESPN will give MMA coverage. He is the face of MMA because he knocks people out. He has won multiple titles in the UFC and in other organization. He talks a lot of trash, and he usually does what he says he will do. If he did not do what he said he was going to do, then his words would not have any value, and people that hear him would not really care about what he is selling which is himself and MMA.

When it comes to doing what you say you are doing is so important to deliver. A trainer can have the body, degree, and certificates. However, that will not mean anything when you do not deliver to clients with what you say you will deliver which usually has something to do with weight loss.

Now I been back in the fitness industry for nearly 1 1/2 year, and there really has not been a whole lot of changes to it. When I was personal training along with other personal trainers in the mid to late 2000s I hear other trainers telling potential clients of what they can do for them. However, most of them had a hard time showing up. They had a hard time in keeping their promises, and you fast forward to now to see that most personal trainers are the same. I know that because I saw that in the last year. I see the look of frustration on their clients face when trainers do not show up on time, and they do not hear from the trainers of why they did not show up. They give up time and money that ends up being a waste when trainers do not show up. For these are the trainers that think they are the next celebrity trainers, but they are like con artists that con people into giving them money for nothing.

For here is what personal trainers can learn from Conor Mcgregor.

One of the reasons people line to follow him is he shows up to his fights. When fighters pull out last minute, it creates frustrating and it turns people off that bought into them by buying the PPV’s and purchase fight tickets that sometimes requires the purchases of airline tickets and hotel reservations that costs a lot of money. They do this, and they cannot cancel all of this stuff when fighters cancel last minute. Well, Mcgregor never pulls out of any fight, and he delivers in his promises.

Now personal trainers do not have to copy his persona to be a big name in the fitness industry, but they can deliver on their promises by showing up to the time they set up with their potential clients.

If Mcgregor just talked and never showed up, then he probably would not be the biggest MMA star. When trainers just talk and do not show up, then why should they get any clients?

Therefore what personal trainers could learn from Conor Mcgregor is do not just talk a big game and then pull out. When you make promises you should show up if you want more people to train.

Published by Johnny Alphaman

I am a heel kind of person, which means I speak the hard truth that people do not like. That means I am not on the left, and that means I am not on the right. If you are a soft babyface, then this site is not for you. You been warned.

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