John E Boardman
Lynchburg, VA

Bio: I feel I am a jack of a few trades, but I do not consider myself the master of anything even though a few trees had to die to try to declare that I have mastered a few things. For I still doubt about that. As I progress through my time in this world that was given to me by God I hope that I am a better person than I was decades ago, decade ago, years ago, year ago, months ago, month ago, weeks ago, week ago, days ago, and hopefully I am better than I was yesterday. How do I define that? For my measurement is how does Christ measure me. How short do I fall each day? Is it less or is it more? I do not know, and I will not know until I stand before Him. I just hope that I am little more like Him as my time goes forward in this world. One of the things I like to do that He did was serve people quietly, and another thing He did quietly was teach people. Sometimes they received His instruction and other times they rejected. For no matter how they responded He still loved them, and He also would still receive them with open arms. For I want to use wellnesspreacher as a platform to help people to be well.

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