WP#45: Four Cs That Fitness Clubs Must Perfect

This past couple of weeks the recreation center I work at has no hot water for showers, and this problem was right after we finish renovating the pool that was shutdown for a month. Problems like having no hot water for shower is not unusual for gyms, and our recreation center will be alright. ForContinue reading “WP#45: Four Cs That Fitness Clubs Must Perfect”

WP#44: What Personal Trainers Can Learn From Conor Mcgregor

I am a huge MMA fan, and one of the fighters I enjoy to watch is Conor Mcgregor. If you do not follow MMA but watch ESPN Sportscenter daily, then you might know who he is. For whenever Mcgregor has a fight is usually when ESPN will give MMA coverage. He is the face ofContinue reading “WP#44: What Personal Trainers Can Learn From Conor Mcgregor”

WP#40: 5 Round Lower Core Kettlebell Routine

WP#38: My Fitness Videos YouTube Playlist

This link will take you to my fitness video YouTube playlist. My Fitness Video Playlist

WP#35: The Concept Of Movement

Three years ago I did a post with a video, that was about the concept of movement. At the bottom of this paragraph is the link of the video. The Concept Of Movement:Pulling That video I made focused on the pulling muscles of back and biceps. One of the exercises I did was the dumbbellContinue reading “WP#35: The Concept Of Movement”