WP#33: Things Change. Goals Change. So What.

When I watched an episode of Arrow last year on Netflix, I saw an episode that had a scene of John Diggle working out. Seeing that scene connected with my feeling from the past, and it made me remember what was like to push myself to exertion. Then I begin to push my training aContinue reading “WP#33: Things Change. Goals Change. So What.”

WP #30: Wellnesspreacher Wellness Journey: Thanksgiving Week 2017 Video

This video is about me pursuing a goal of losing weight during Thanksgiving. It begins with me weighing myself at the beginning of the week, and it shows of how I attempt to lose weight, and it concludes with me weighing myself after Thanksgiving Day. Wellnesspreacher Wellness Journey Video Link

WP#26: Screenshots Of Shoulder Routine

Goals: Strength Mobility Endurance Superset Double Kettlebell Swings with TRX 1 arm pulls.  For Double Kettlebell Swings, have no more than 90 seconds rest between sets. 

WP#25: The Wellness Preacher Show Episode 4

In this episode I do an introduction the question of what is your beliefs to get people to think about the most important question of wellness. Click the link below to listen to this episode TWPS Episode 4 What Is Your Beliefs