WP#25: The Wellness Preacher Show Episode 4

In this episode I do an introduction the question of what is your beliefs to get people to think about the most important question of wellness. Click the link below to listen to this episode TWPS Episode 4 What Is Your Beliefs

WP 6: You Gotta Play By The Book

Last night I volunteered to lead small group in Losing To Live, and the small group’s name is the Mindful Mandarins.  In Losing To Live last night, I did a discussion with them about chapter 3 from Get Off The Coach. That is a book written by Pastor Steve Reynolds, and you can check the […]

WP 4: Power Your Health With Prayer Presentation Materials

Last night I got present my message to Losing To Live in Annandale, VA at Capital Baptist Church.  Losing To Live is a weight loss ministry, that was started by the Senior Pastor Steve Reynolds. To learn more about this amazing ministry, go to bod4god.org. The title of the message I presented last night is […]