WP#45: Four Cs That Fitness Clubs Must Perfect

This past couple of weeks the recreation center I work at has no hot water for showers, and this problem was right after we finish renovating the pool that was shutdown for a month. Problems like having no hot water for shower is not unusual for gyms, and our recreation center will be alright. ForContinue reading “WP#45: Four Cs That Fitness Clubs Must Perfect”

WP#44: What Personal Trainers Can Learn From Conor Mcgregor

I am a huge MMA fan, and one of the fighters I enjoy to watch is Conor Mcgregor. If you do not follow MMA but watch ESPN Sportscenter daily, then you might know who he is. For whenever Mcgregor has a fight is usually when ESPN will give MMA coverage. He is the face ofContinue reading “WP#44: What Personal Trainers Can Learn From Conor Mcgregor”

WP#40: 5 Round Lower Core Kettlebell Routine

What I Learned From A Quarter Doughnut

There is no questioning on when it comes to my opinion about doughnuts, and my opinion about those is they taste so good even though it is made with bad stuff like processed sugar. However, I have learned in the past on how to use food that our consider treat yourself food for your favor.Continue reading “What I Learned From A Quarter Doughnut”

WP#35: The Concept Of Movement

Three years ago I did a post with a video, that was about the concept of movement. At the bottom of this paragraph is the link of the video. The Concept Of Movement:Pulling That video I made focused on the pulling muscles of back and biceps. One of the exercises I did was the dumbbellContinue reading “WP#35: The Concept Of Movement”

WP#34: As I Train More, The Creative Juices Start To Flow

Hopefully, I get to the point of doing more video of how I train, and I have an idea about that it. For that is in its embryonic stages, and its birth will be revealed on video. As I train more, my creative juices flow for wellnesspreacher.com. For wellnesspreacher.com provides an outlet to share myContinue reading “WP#34: As I Train More, The Creative Juices Start To Flow”

WP#33: Things Change. Goals Change. So What.

When I watched an episode of Arrow last year on Netflix, I saw an episode that had a scene of John Diggle working out. Seeing that scene connected with my feeling from the past, and it made me remember what was like to push myself to exertion. Then I begin to push my training aContinue reading “WP#33: Things Change. Goals Change. So What.”