WP 6: You Gotta Play By The Book

Last night I volunteered to lead small group in Losing To Live, and the small group’s name is the Mindful Mandarins.  In Losing To Live last night, I did a discussion with them about chapter 3 from Get Off The Coach. That is a book written by Pastor Steve Reynolds, and you can check theContinue reading “WP 6: You Gotta Play By The Book”

WP 4: Power Your Health With Prayer Presentation Materials

Last night I got present my message to Losing To Live in Annandale, VA at Capital Baptist Church.  Losing To Live is a weight loss ministry, that was started by the Senior Pastor Steve Reynolds. To learn more about this amazing ministry, go to bod4god.org. The title of the message I presented last night isContinue reading “WP 4: Power Your Health With Prayer Presentation Materials”